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Join Us on an Adventure
An island boy named Jawi
Gigantic and rare whale sharks
Exotic, endangered underwater creatures
You have the opportunity to watch them in this film…
and we are now inviting you to help us
protect their habitat!
One World One Ocean Foundation
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Educational Giant-Screen Films

One World One Ocean Foundation contributes to educational giant-screen films about the ocean that share strong conservation messages.

We also create educational materials for the movies, and strive to inspire people to make lasting change for our ocean.

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Supporting Marine Protected Areas
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Active Patrols

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are very important to the health of the global ocean, but they are in danger. One World One Ocean Foundation actively supports this and other MPAs.

Will you join us in supporting the important work of the enforcement rangers protecting these biologically rich ecosystems?

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Positive Impact of MPAs

This movie was filmed almost entirely within an MPA, and shows the variety and beauty of ocean life in these sheltered regions.

Scientific research has proven that properly managed MPAs result in increased diversity of sea life—populations in these protected areas are rebounding and thriving!

Ways to Give

The Journey’s Location

The ocean provides us with over 50% of the oxygen we breathe, meaning our very existence—for better or worse—is inextricably connected to its fate.

Yet our ocean is in decline, with less than 2% of coastal and marine areas currently protected. One World One Ocean Foundation is working to change this by supporting MPAs such as those in the Coral Triangle.

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Inspiring Underserved Youth

Help us create more ocean caretakers like Jawi!

Jawi is very fortunate to live in such a magical place. He gets to experience the ocean, but many children do not.

One World One Ocean Foundation’s Underserved Youth Program gets kids into theaters where they can “experience” the ocean—many for the first time. Though they are worlds’ apart, these children really do have a great deal in common with Jawi…a dependence on a healthy ocean.

Please help us get more children into giant-screen theaters by making a donation now.




Photo Gallery
Enjoy beautiful photos from the Coral Triangle taken during
the filming of Journey to the South Pacific.
Journey to the South Pacific
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